Saturday, 19 December 2015

Khalidiya Palace Rayhaan,Abudhabi

I am surely loving Rotana for maintaining such incredible heights of beauty, ambiance, tastes, serenity and hospitality.the welcoming environment they always offer is really awesome!
   It was our second visit to Rotana destinations.first one was @AlainRotana ,a night stay with half board.I will write about that visit in some upcoming I will totally focus upon  Khalidiya Palace Rayhaan by Rotana.
Our car reached  the porch and without missing a second, a  Porter reached to open the door. The timing and protocol they offer was undoubtedly perfect.I have been in very big  names of hotels where there the reception ignores it whenever they get some chance. Rotana really hit the mark in our both visits.
Right in the main lounge there stands a big X'mas tree full of ornaments ,bells,xmas balls besides a gingerbread shop as a part of festive arrangements.the big lounge was beautifully decorated with colorfull X'mas bells and a beautiful Santa as well. The white crystal Chandeliers were also a big attraction in the lounge with the cosy sofas, couches and a central  round sofa!

A Singer was ready to  start her  live xmas carol for the festive treat.
    As we left the lounge and head towards Cammon,a lebanese cuisine, our destination,we crossed beautiful water canals and soul- refreshing pool side.that's really a fresh and incredible delight for all of the tired senses of a bustling day  .the waiter at the cuisine proceed us to our reserved, sea side corner place!  We could mark  the perfect hospitality again as all the servers were welcomingly active and attentive to every service.
We  were so delighted to see  such beautiful views of sea side, yachts harbour and elegant etihad towers  all around.these winter days it was surely the one of bestest place  to dine in! After giving our order we were ready to indulge on the seaside fence with the outstanding treats of scenario.

First of all they served  their complementary bread with some speciallities of pickles that ware really yummy with small rounded khubaz that really loved by my munchkin.being a woman I like their serving dish and pickle pots as well๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜œ. As they have been ordered earlier to bring all courses by and by as we are not in a hurry,so we had been almost finished the bread and pickle before we served our appetizer! Fatoush and,,,,,,,,, was the order,and almost after 6 months I tasted such a yumilicious appetizers that I could bon my appetite with those merely,with all my heart.( six months before it was Again Rotana that made me love those salads and appetizers. ๐Ÿ˜‰).the taste was at it's best undoubtedly !๐Ÿ‘Œ  with a crunchy blend of vegetables,  pomegranate and nuts in fatouch, I even took the last drop of juice left in the plate!๐Ÿ˜›๐Ÿ˜›( we even order to pack a fatoush for take away. )


With the main course, I ordered arayess with French fries and steamrice for my kiddos and kabab qamar  al zaman  for me with kabab halabi for my batterhalf as we were totally unaware of the serving size and we have already satisfied our appetite with the appetizers. The dishes served and we felt one dish was quite enough for both of us while we have already ordered the desserts also.the kababs were undoubtedly delicious  and we didn't left a bit in the platters!  after we finished our main course we were totally full and looking upon each other in helplessness as we have  already ordered the desserts we can't deny now ethically. We  felt it batter to have a little walk before  the dessert session and I did this with my little man around the beach side.I have ordered baklawa and halawa bil jibn  for desserts and as I do not know much about lebanese cuisine, so it was a surprise for me what order i have placed.thanks God it was not in a big bowl and  appears  in the small square pastries  that ware  not less in taste! Latte was the last course we had that refreshed our mood and enhance the spirit .Me and my hubby are the latte lover and it was awsome in these  winter nights at the beach of Arabian gulf under glorious lighted palm trees  with the bestest views and season possible ( in uae). 

After leaving our seats we head toward the pool sides for my most wanted photo shots and the welcoming shimmering pools with blue flowing water were making me crazy. To my surprise in the pools the water was still flowing and the tickling smooth sound of the water was mesmerizing me.I was in a trance to feel our night at again rotana.sitting beside the pool I was trying to take  all the sips of beauty available around.Two wood bridges were enhancing the  charisma and  the whirling pools were looking like a different world around.While  my kiddos were enjoying the play area I took some photos around.

As  I was ready to take a beautiful shot of cabana my cell switched off and I was deprived of my most beloved moment in was a disaster for me as I already had left my charger at home.
The last thing I could do was to sit on a  reclining chair beside a pool,and enjoy the serenity of the environment and so I did. I could surely sit beside the soothing sound of flowing  water in a winter night if my husband may leave his work next day that was simply a big  no! So I said farewell to the beauty of pool side. 
As we reached the reception to check out, the slim smart beautiful Singer in green robe was singing X'mas Carol  near by the tall X'mas was another plus of the visit that day.while waiting for our car we enjoyed the live Singer sitting on the couches.. finally on leaving we had a certain feeling of delight and were happy as it was all worth trying.


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